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How to Setup Belkin Router

The Belkin router is a Wi-Fi router which serves you on two levels. Its basic functions includes allowing network connectivity to your internals hosts via Wi-Fi and external Internet via a WAN link Ethernet, PPPoE or DSL. This way your entire space gets very fast and intermittent internet connection with a long range connectivity. This is the reason many people have shifted to Belkin wireless router as compared to other sources of internet connection.

Now, if you have got one for your space you will need to setup the Belkin router and for that you should read this guide below about How to Setup Belkin Router in easy steps:  The complete setup process is done through the Belkin router in-built web-based setup pages. For that you will have to configure, modify settings and set up advanced properties as your convenience which you can save for future use.

Now, you can either setup Belkin router with the Belkin setup disk supplied with your router or using the manual setup method.

The first way is through the default IP address which is You can use this for the outside connection which is used for local networking, and the home network administrator controls it. Now, you need to provide internet connection to your Belkin wireless router. For that you can connect the modem to your Belkin router with a cable either internet or Ethernet cable.  

  • Select any one of the LAN port on the back of the router and plug the other end of the cable to the computer. There are 4 LAN ports on the back your Belkin router choose any one of them.
  • The modem cable must be connected to the Belkin wireless router through “WAN” port. This port will either be in Yellow or Green color.
  • First turn ON your modem and then wait for 1 minute until the modem lights gets steady. Once that is done Connect power cord to your router and turn it on.
  • Now this is when Belkin N wireless router is ready for WiFi, you can try connecting your laptop and other wireless devices to the Belkin router. 

How to Update Firmware on Belkin Router

However, some people complaint that they can’t access Belkin router after access point. Accessing the web-based setup page is done through the software that comes with the router, if there is any issue with that then you may face this problem then a very common cause for that could be an outdated firmware. As we have mentioned above you need to be using an updated version of the firmware in order to access the router properly. Is that is the issue, then you need to update your firmware. If you are experiencing slow and intermittent connectivity while browsing the internet, or if the internet connection has been dropping consistently, then check if the router has the latest firmware installed. 

A firmware update contains encoded instructions to help improve the performance of your Belkin router.  It could also resolve issues that the previous firmware version may have.  For that, Check the model number  and version of the router which can be found on the label at the bottom of the router.  Now you need to go to download the latest firmware for your router. Before updating the firmware of your router, you will need to download and save the updated firmware file to your computer. Download the latest firmware version for Belkin N300 firmware update, Belkin N600 firmware update, Belkin f9k1102v3 firmware, Belkin N450 DB firmware update, Belkin N150 firmware update, Belkin N750 firmware update

If you encounter problems in downloading your router’s firmware, you may use another browser or clear the cache of your browser. If you have recently updated the router’s firmware then try power cycle it that may also resolve the issue. Once that is done then you need to reboot the router. You need to reboot the router for 1 minute after rebooting the router you are good to go.